Ever had one of those weird days where you feel high from your own body’s overflow of endorphins?

I still can recall when there was such a day for me. Tons of ideas rushed through my head, I had so much energy that I prepared songs for my music classes 5 months ahead, revised songs I needed to learn for a choir performance, travelled to moments of my life I hadn’t been thinking about in years and turned over philosophical issues in my mind such as the way to happiness, or what to pack for a trip I was going to do, all in one go.

I’ve known days like that when there is a full moon. Call it lunacy if you will, but sometimes when there is a full moon I am extra creative and think of new ways to decorate my flat, I write long philosophical letters, or I get ideas for new stories.

The problem is that there was no full moon that day and that the rush of adrenaline didn’t stop at 11 when I usually call it a day. It didn’t stop at 1 and 2 and went on until half 5 in the morning when I fell asleep and woke up three hours later. The next day I waited for my body to feel the sleep deprivation and give in during lunch as usually on such an occasion. It didn’t. Another day later I should have got up early and go on a hiking trip, but I was so exhausted that I woke up an hour late. I asked myself when on Earth I had switched off the alarm. I hadn’t, as I found out after checking. I must have slept like a log before, but never ever had I not even heard the alarm go off. Weird, people…

When my eyes were open for just about two seconds the person who wanted to give me a lift to the meeting point called and after my brief apologies that there was no way I would make it, no one was expecting me anywhere and suddenly I had a day free of all obligations lying before me. Just think of the possibilities! Doing whatever you pleased, having a nice long bath, dying your hair, having another nap, go on a hiking tour on your own, read the whole day, do nothing.

That’s just about what I did. Spending a day with myself and it was great.

I wonder what your own day off might look like…